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Sunday Snapshot #11

A few weeks ago, my Holga Wide Pinhole Camera arrived and I already shot a few frames. This one is from a quick trip to a place near my hometown. It turned out quite dark but I like the color and don’t mind the darkness.

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Lovely October.

Fall Autumn October
Edit: Mextures

Check out my favorite Mextures formulas for fall.

Sunday Snapshot #9

Hello fall.

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Sunday Snapshot #8

I’m such a sucker for photogaphy apps. Some days ago, I purchased the Hipstamatic app. So far, I really like it and enjoy taking lots of snapshots with different filters and lenses.

Schloss Weinberg

Sunday Snapshot #7

Sorry for posting nothing but snapshots for weeks. Life is quite busy right now. Good news is, that I finally got a new PC. Right now I’m transfering all the files and hope that I don’t mess it up – especially when it comes to the Lightroom catalogue and all my presets. Beside setting up the PC, I carved out some time and played with Hipstamatic. Here’s my carnivorous plant.

iPhone 5s, Hipstamatic (C-Type Plate/Jane), slightly edited with Snapseed

Sunday Snapshot #6


Holga GFN, Ilford HP5

Sunday Snapshot #5

On a very hot summer day in Upper Austria, back in July.

Lomography Redscale
Holga GFN, Lomography Redscale

Sunday Snapshot #4

As much as I love analogue photography, I also enjoy taking pictures with my smartphone. It just comes in handy: You always have it with you and you can’t worry about different settings. Just point and shoot (and play with different apps afterwards).

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