Just a quick update on my last two weeks: Very unspectacular days – most of the time I was a bit under the weather, fighting a cold, being tired and juggling work and life.

  • I saw beautiful landscape photographies by Bernhard Fuchs at the Lentos museum.
  • Bought the new Def Leppard album. It’s okay, but I like the old stuff better.
  • Went to photography school. Staying overnight there is pretty cool because you sleep in an old castle.
  • For years, I own my Dad’s old camera bag. Haven’t used it in years and apparently, I forgot about it. When I got my father’s old camera (more on that in another blog post), I dug out the old bag and found expired film. 1985 from my Dad, 2003 from me. Two generations of forgotten film – pretty cool,  huh?
  • Farewell Holga! The factory in China is closing it’s doors, forever. I heard the news from Freestyle photographic supplies, you can read the statement here. I own three Holgas (120 GFN, 135 and the Wide Pinhole) and the macro lenses. After I heard about the shutdown of the factory, I ordered two more Holgas as back-up toy cameras.