Maybe you’ve seen the photography bucket list I made for fall, my personal things to shoot/buy/get/do list. Time for a quick check-up: What have I accomplished?

my photography bucket list for winter
This is the bucket list I made for autumn – back in August:

  • Finish refurbishing my old Polaroid SX-70 (new leather) – still working on that!
  • Make Polaroid emulsion lifts not even started
  • Make some prints available on Etsy – well, I added a few pictures but there’s still a long way to go
  • Travel to Prague
  • Do a film-swap with another Lomographerwork in progress! :)
  • Buy a Pinhole camera
  • Landscape photography with the Pentacon Six – nope!
  • Take photos on cemeteries (in Vienna?) – no :(
  • Long time exposures with the Holga GFN – no, but did some with the Holga WPC

Well, seems that I was not busy enough. The idea of making Polaroid emulsion lifts still keeps me awake sometimes (sad but true), I haven’t been to Prague and the old Polaroid SX-70 is still waiting in her box with the refurbishment halfway done.

It’s high time I update my list for Winter!

  • Finish refurbishing my old Polaroid SX-70 (new leather)
  • Make Polaroid emulsion lifts
  • Short trip to a city in Europe
  • Go to the christmas market with the Diana F+
  • Do a Winter film swap
  • Pinhole self-portraits
  • Take photos of snowflakes
  • Try a new film
  • Clean all cameras
  • Shoot more multiple exposures