Autumn is the most awesome season of the year, hands-down. Nice light, nice colors, no more heat, sometimes foggy, just perfect. It’s still summer (and hot as hell) in Austria but I’m already working on my bucket list for fall. Because it’s not only the most beautiful season of the year, I’m also bursting with creativity. I don’t know why but I feel most energized when summer ends – and there’s always a long list full of things I want to do and accomplish.

Here it is, my bucket list for fall – to be continued:

  • Finish refurbishing my old Polaroid SX-70 (new leather)
  • Make Polaroid emulsion lifts
  • Make some prints available on Etsy
  • Travel to Prague
  • Do a film-swap with another Lomographer
  • Buy a Pinhole camera
  • Landscape photography with the Pentacon Six
  • Take photos on cemeteries (in Vienna?)
  • Long time exposures with the Holga GFN