Do you suffer from Gear Acquisition Syndrome?
Sometimes I do when it comes to vintage cameras. I like to buy them because I like analog photography, but I also love vintage stuff and things with history. Dare to visit a museum with me, you’ll get lost for hours. Better bring some food supplies and good shoes.
When it comes to vintage stuff, the good news are: the cameras are often rather cheap. As long as you don’t buy rare collector’s items.  You can get a nice vintage camera for about 15 Euros (or a little bit more or less) and you’re not gonna be faced with ruin, even if you buy two or three of them.
Even so, I like to keep an eye on my shopping habits because gathering gear can become a real problem.

On Peta Pixel I found this very interesting article “Confessions of an Ex-Gear Addict”. It’s long but worth reading.

I haven’t bought any brand new photography gear since a long time. I COULD afford a new full-frame digital DSLR (Hello Nikon D800!) or some new lenses. But I don’t buy them. Because I’m not sure if I really need them when I think about the way my photography possibly goes.
Maybe I buy myself a nice christmas present and then you’ll see, what I have in mind ;)

old stuff in a box