Back To Business

After months of renovating our new apartment and finally an energy-sapping move out of the old one, things are slowly getting back to normal. We still have to deal with awkward people regarding our old apartment, but everything should be accomplished by the end of the week. A new chapter begins and I’m glad about that. Work in the new apartment is nearly finished and slowly I’m putting together my little home office. I’m already working on pictures for an exhibition and I can’t wait to develop the first rolls of film in the darkroom (which is the bathroom. And the kitchen.)


Happy Birthday Anna Atkins!

cyanotpye It’s someones special birthday today: 216 years ago, Anna Atkins was born. If you are interested in photography, you may know her name. Atkins is considered to be the first person who published a photo book, entirely done with cyanotypes of algae. After Photographs of British Algae, the british botanist published two more books about plants and several other books. Today, Google celebrates her birthday with a beautiful Google Doodle.

It was a pleasant surprise for me to discover the Doodle this morning, because I made some cyanotypes last week. Not with algae or plants, but with feathers.


A sign of life

I’m still occupied with work and our new apartment. All I do is working at the office, working in the apartment, grab some junk food, take a shower, go to sleep. But the madness will soon be over, 6 more weeks to go! At least, now I know how to install new flooring, get rid of old wallpapers and paint walls.

In February, I took a break from all the work and spent two weeks in California. I’m back for two weeks now, but I didn’t get any chance to have a proper look at all the photos I took. Not to mention the need to develop the film rolls! But there will be calmer times, once I’ve settled in new creative space. I have so much up my sleeve and a thousand ideas in my head.