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Winter Trees with the Diana F+

Why I need Netflix to overcome creative blocks

Sometimes being creative is hard work and right now, I’m suffering from a massive creative block. To be honest, “right now” means that I hardly shot anything for weeks now. It started around christmas, being to tired for all the photography stuff. Then I shot a little bit in January, was very pleased with the results and then again – nothing. Well, it is what it is, you can’t force creativity. But over the years, I found a few strategies to boost my creativity again. They don’t always work but most of the time, they do.

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Amazing North America

Whenever I’m in the US, there are a lot of things I enjoy: Stuffing myself at the Cheesecake Factory, discovering big cities and small towns, endless road trips and so on. But what really left an impression on all my trips to the US were the landscapes: Redwood forests, deserts, canyons and coastlines – great places for hiking or landscape photography.

Today I stumbled upon this video from Mike Bishop and it really triggers my wanderlust. The good thing is, I’m already planning our next trip to the US.

Goodbye 2015!

Time flies and there it is again – the end of a year. 2015 was a very busy year for me with quite stressful first six months.

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Sunday Recap: Farewell, Holga

Just a quick update on my last two weeks: Very unspectacular days – most of the time I was a bit under the weather, fighting a cold, being tired and juggling work and life.

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Sunday Snapshot #11

A few weeks ago, my Holga Wide Pinhole Camera arrived and I already shot a few frames. This one is from a quick trip to a place near my hometown. It turned out quite dark but I like the color and don’t mind the darkness.

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Winter is coming – with a new bucket list

Maybe you’ve seen the photography bucket list I made for fall, my personal things to shoot/buy/get/do list. Time for a quick check-up: What have I accomplished?

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