Sunday Recap #7

|seen| Game of Thrones! |done| finished the portfolio for photography school |listened to| Jack Frost |read| had no time for reading |eaten| lots of pasta |drunk| coffee, coffee and more coffee |vexed| my poor time management skills |thought| why do I procrastinate so much?  |bought| lots of prints for the portfolio

This week was so busy! But very successful. I finished the first semester at the Prager Fotoschule and worked every single night of the week on finishing the portfolio book (it’s more like a lot of ‘homework’ with specific tasks than a portfolio where you can put in whatever you like).
Besides that, I had a short presentation at a club of photographers/artists who run a gallery and I was invited to show some of my refractographs at an group exhibition in June.
What a week – now off for a lazy Sunday evening! Have a great week!




Sunday Recap #6

|seen| Friends |done| started to refurbish an old Polaroid camera |listened to| Def Leppard |read| a book about Food Photography |eaten| only 6 days this week because of the one-day-fast I occasionally do |drunk| a lot of coffee |vexed| co-workers |thought| I should finish the portfolio for photography school asap  |bought| new film for the Polaroid


Bear’s Garlic – get it while you can

The season for bear’s garlic is NOW, so i stuff myself with this wonderful plant as long as it is available! You can use the leafs for a risotto, make a pesto or simply put it on pasta.
Or you can start the bear’s garlic madness already at breakfast. What I did. To be honest, on weekends we have breakfast when “normal” people already have lunch.

I toasted some wholemeal bread, topped it with blanched bear’s garlic and completed that with my very first poached egg. I deconstructed it pretty much.

yummy bears garlic!!

The Pentacon Six travels California

Finally I got the developed films from our California road trip. It was the first time using the Pentacon Six (aside from some Black and White test shots before the vacation) and I think, the pictures turned out pretty good.
And I’m absolutely in love with Velvia 100. Just sayin’!

Location: Joshua Tree National Park
Film: Fuji Velvia 100

Click on the picture and you’ll be taken to Flickr.